Andrew Jones featured his new $2500/pr USD. Elac Adante AS-61 monitors, with their $599/pr USD. dedicated stands. At first glance, you wouldn’t know that these speakers are as special as they are. A second look shows no ring for the voice coil attachment on the 6½” woofer, which employs a coupled cavity approach (first used by Jones at KEF in the 1990s), in which an active driver sealed in an inner chamber drives the acoustically coupled driver on the front baffle, which is actually a non-powered passive radiator.

In conjunction with the $1099 USD Elac Discovery Music Server DS-S101 or the $1795 USD Audio Alchemy DMP-1 Digital Music Player with the $599 USD Audio Alchemy PS-5 Premium power supply, the $1995 USD Audio Alchemy DDP-1 DAC/Pre-Amp, and a pair of $1995/ea USD. Audio Alchemy DPA-1M mono amplifiers, with Shunyata power cords plugged into the $4995 USD Shunyata Denali D6000T power conditioner, and AudioQuest interconnects and speaker cables, and all sitting on a $379 USD Solidsteel S2 rack, the Andantes were stunning. With almost unbelievable extension at both ends (and something like 36–38Hz on the bottom), spot-on tonal color, vibrant, utterly natural mids, and enough resolution and transparency to make you wonder if they might actually sell for three times the money.


Anticipated ETA for Canada is July 2017.