The Industry’s Most Advanced Access Control System – WATCHMAN Series

Comprehensive Application Options

Watchman is available for single Residences or multi-tenant properties and was designed with end users and installers in mind. With surface, recessed, or pedestal mounting options and models for various property type, Watchman had evolved to meet today’s needs and technological demands. Get the convenience you want and the security that you need in one sleek system. Internet and cellular LTE options bring ultimate data transport flexibility and the CellGate Cloud give users on-demand control of their system.

Can Work Anywhere

Watchman works on a cellular network so that means a Watchman system can be installed virtually anywhere. No internet access or telephone lines required.

User-Friendly Smart Phone App and Web Portal

Talk to and view streaming video of visitors, as well as give gate entry access, from the smart phone app. Create unique access codes (including restrictions) for all regular visitors to your property, and view gate access history w/photos for six months from web portal.

Versatile: Calls Up to 9 Contacts

When a visitor arrives to the gate, Watchman can call up to 3 smart phones simultaneously —whoever answers 1st is connected to the caller by voice and video. If none of the 3 smart phones answer, up to 3 more smart phones can be called next. If again there is no answer, 3 voice lines can be called. Pure telephone entry option for users without smart devices.

Easy to Upgrade Existing Gate Systems

If you would like to replace your existing gate entry system, your local gate dealer can easily install Watchman in its place.



CellGate products are often installed in areas where landline telephone access and power lines are not readily available–yet a solution is needed for providing remote gate entry or for monitoring of asset(s). This has translated into numerous CellGate installations for:

  • gates at second homes/ranches
  • gates at oil fields
  • gates at self storage facilities
  • camera monitoring boat yards
  • camera monitoring expensive equipment
  • gates on homes/properties where the gate is far from the main building
With CellGate’s groundbreaking new Watchman product, installations of it are truly suitable for almost any residential or commercial location that has a gate.


Hardware – the cellular access control device box and/or camera installed at the gate and

Cellular Access Control and Monitoring Service – which includes

  • a subscription cellular data service
  • an easy-to-use smart phone app to control and monitor the CellGate hardware
  • a web portal that allows you to remotely establish and manage access codes, monitor alerts, and review detailed activity reports