Proudly Canadian Since 1975

Altex was founded in 1975 by Michel Alepins and his two sons, Paul and Gaetan. First established in Ville St-Laurent, the company is now located in Terrebonne since 1989. Altex provides high quality shading systems to an upscale institutional, corporate, commercial and residential clientele. Our products are sold throughout Canada and the United States.


Quality and Suitability

Altex is committed to supplying you with the solar protection that suits your needs. With more than 35 years of experience, our team of experts can combine fabrics and mechanisms to produce a tailor-made solution that exceeds your expectations.

Canadian Design & Operations

Our design and operations are all Canadian-based. Although we partner with national and international firms for the best quality of fabrics, all of our decisions and innovations are made here, in Canada.

Manual & Motorized Solutions


Altex provides three different models of interior roller shades – Moduline®, Deko® and Tekno®. Each group addresses a broad range of applications with new levels of sophistication and versatility. Our technically advanced shading system is recognized as the industry benchmark for quality and performance shading systems. The options include a variety of European designed systems. These options include system fascias or enclosed cassettes, side channels, tandem shades (multi banded).

Here at Altex, we seek to find the best roller shade solutions suitable to your needs so that we can guide you through our fabrics and our products. There is a reason why you need window covering and we will assist you every step of the way.

For Your Needs

At Altex we comprehend that you can easily get misled among all the fabrics available in the window coverings industry. We ease the process by presenting you all four types of fabrics we have with their needs and benefits.



You Need…




Our Products

Although Altex is specialized in roller shades, we can also provide you with panel tracks, traditional and inclinable roman shades, fixed panels, Fixoscreen and Ready-to-install shades with the best mechanical systems and fabrics.intro_full_03

Ambio®, Transparent, Translucent and Opaque fabrics

Quality and Innovation

As a window dressing company we truly believe that our research and innovation can make a difference in your everyday life. Whether it is through the use of a multifunctional fabric like the Ambio® or through an easy raise with our Lite Lift®, our solutions are designed for you.



The Coulisse collections are extensive, varied and innovative. In addition to simple, functional fabrics in varying qualities, the product range also includes exclusive, decorative varieties. The color palettes are extensive and comprise timeless tones and trendy colors. The designs are innovative and stylish.




Luminosity, Privacy and Visibility

Our Ambio® fabrics are an optimal choice if you seek a sophisticated and trendy look while having all the benefits of the different kinds of fabrics. With fabrics composed of transparent and translucent strips, the Ambio® can provide you with privacy, visibility and luminosity: the best of multi-functionality!


Uses and benefits of an Ambio® fabric include:

  • Filters light and can be adjusted to provide a subdued view, or to provide privacy
  • Night and day privacy varies according to fabric adjustment
  • Reduces reflections and glare on computer and television screens
  • Reduces fading of interior furnishings
  • Acts as a thermal insulator
  • PVC free

Our Ambio® fabrics are currently exclusively for our Aleo™



Visibility and Subdued Luminosity

If you are looking for visibility and full luminosity then our transparent fabrics are for you. Without being too heavy, transparent shades are great to add some warm atmosphere into your room!



Uses and benefits of a transparent fabric include:

  • Filters light while providing an attenuated exterior view
  • Reduces reflections and glare from computer and television screens
  • Reduces fading of interior furnishings
  • Acts as a thermal insulator
  • Easy maintenance

Our different transparent fabrics are available with:


Privacy and Luminosity

Translucent fabrics are an ideal way to optimize the lighting of your room. It can enhance the natural light of a small room but also provides some level of intimacy: ideal for a bathroom!



Uses and benefits of a translucent fabric include:

  • Filters light
  • Provides privacy at night and day
  • Reduces reflections and glare from computer and television screens
  • PVC free
  • Acts as thermal insulator
  • Easily maintained

Our different translucent fabrics are available with:


Darkness and Privacy

Our opaque fabrics are an ideal choice whether you seek privacy or to block sunlight in your bedroom.





Uses and benefits of an opaque fabric include:

  • Blocks light
  • Provides privacy at night and day
  • Prevents fading of interior furnishings
  • Acts as thermal insulator

Our different opaque fabrics are available with:

We CareEnvironnement

It is our responsibility as a corporation to seek eco-friendly and safe solutions for all products. Learn more about Child Safety and Environmental Responsibility.

Here at Altex we do not only propose eco-friendly fabrics, but we also conduct research in how our products can enhance your environmental everyday life.

Heat control and Energy savings
With an increased number of rooms and windows in our houses, managing the heat can be challenging. Our fabrics are designed to optimize your energy savings: your house stays warm and your heat is not lost.


Glare control and Ocular tiredness reduction
Nowadays, screens are part of our everyday routine, from computers to televisions, our ambiance must be optimized to reduce ocular tiredness and glare. At Altex we possess a range of fabrics aimed to transform your office, living room or any other room into a soothing and comforting environment.

Support and Optimization of natural light

The natural light of a room will depend on its positioning in relation to the sun and in how it is managed. Our fabrics can help you by enhancing the natural luminosity of the room. We believe that whether you choose to have privacy or visibility, your interior luminosity should be handled at its best.

Outward visibility and Comfort
Your shade should not be a barrier between you and the external environment of your home. Balancing the harmony of your rooms with your exteriors will improve your well-being and comfort at home. We aim to provide you with the best shades to transform your house into a warm and cosy environment.

See also EcoScreen®, our line of environmentally sustainable fabrics which provides superior performance without compromising the environment:

  • PVC free
  • 100% Polyester
  • Recyclable
  • Lead-free
  • Antimicrobial
  • Very low volatile content