From the mind of renowned hi-fi engineer Peter Madnick, comes the completely reinvented Audio Alchemy.


It’s time. It’s time for a return to caring, not just about how much music we have, but how good the music we have sounds, no matter its source. It’s time for music to once again echo through every room in our home, no, every room in our life. It’s time for technology and engineering to deliver performance beyond their pay grade.  For systems to be seamlessly integrated and expandable as our life unfolds. It’s time for a comeback.  You’ve grown up, so have we.

Madnick and the team has maintained the brand’s original ethos of superior technology and value, layering in their experience over the years to bring a level of elegance and high-end performance they could only once dream of.

As Madnick puts it, “Since the days of the original Audio Alchemy, you’ve grown up and so have we.”







Reviews of Audio Alchemy products

To read what journalists and enthusiasts have written about Audio Alchemy’s demos at hi-fi shows, please visit our Show Reports page.

“Power Amplifier of the Year … Preamplifier of the Year” DPA-1 power amp and DDP-1 preamp/DAC

— Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound

“Product of the Year Awards,” The Absolute Sound, January 2017

TAS cover copy.jpg

“So the PPA-1 is in a system that’s way out of its price league but had I not known how much it cost, especially given the snazzy casework, I’d have figured probably double the price.”

— Michael Fremer, Analog Planet

“40 Greatest Bargains in High-End Audio,” DDP-1 preamp/DAC and DPA-1 power amp

— The Absolute Sound

“In fact, had I been told that I was listening to a high-power class-AB amplifier—the kind that would require the help of a friend to lift it—I would have had no reason to doubt the truth of that statement.”

— Robert Deutsch, Stereophile

“…the DPA-1M monoblocks deliver music in a manner that’s both beautifully detailed and
at the same time entirely ‘non-mechanical’—
there’s an organic feel to the sound here that’s entirely at odds with a common misconception of Class D as being rather gritty and hard-edged.”

— Andrew Everhard, Hi-Fi News and Record Review

“Audio Alchemy DPA-1M,” Hi-Fi News and Record Review, August 2016

“We’ve all used clichés like ‘punches above
its weight’ or ‘giant killer’ a lot in audio, but these terms are richly deserved here. This range is so exciting, so intrinsically ‘right’ sounding, and so much damn fun you can’t help but
like it a lot.”

— Alan Sircom, Hi-Fi+

“The DDP-1 and DPA-1 bring terrific sound and stunning value to the category. As a linestage, the DDP-1 is amazingly clean and transparent … The DDP-1’s DAC section is simply sensational; this level of sound quality would be outstanding in a $4000 stand-alone DAC … Moreover, the amplifiers possess the same level of clarity and resolution as the DDP-1.”

— Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound

“The preamp, on which I concentrated especially on the digital part during this review, is a real treat, especially in combination with the additional power supply … brings more rest and spaciousness, power and dynamics.

— Max Delissen, Music Emotion (Netherlands)

“This phono EQ proves itself as delivering vivid and intense performance just like the original brand in its prime, having a highly ambitious concept of design.”

— Tadashi Yamanouchi, Analog (Japan)

“Audio Alchemy PPA-1 Review,” Analog, Summer 2016

““The DDP-1 embodies a dream for next-generation high-end audio in a small-sized and high-quality casework… The DPA-1 is a beautiful small-sized device that distinguishes itself from many other heavy-duty high-end devices while it has a strikingly appealing sound beyond its class, and its massive output power is noteworthy.”

“Audio Alchemy DDP-1 / DPA-1 Review,” Stereo magazine (Japan), May 5, 2016

“The Audio Alchemy DDP-1 and PS-5 sonically reproduced a great musical experience in my listening room. Recreating the delicacy of female vocals, the dirt of southern rock guitar, and delivering the emotion of my favorite heartfelt music, the DDP-1 and PS-5 ascended to the top of their respective product categories. “

— Chris Connaker, Computer Audiophile

“If Audio Alchemy’s design team was seeking that elusive ‘analogue feel’ for the sound of its DAC/preamp then it’s certainly hit the mark … tremendous value for listeners seeking fine audio on a sensible budget.”

— John Bamford, Hi-Fi News & Record Review (U.K.)

“Audio Alchemy DDP-1/PS-5,” Hi-Fi News & Record Review, January 2016

“For me, the DDP-1 is the perfect solution for a system driving high-end active speakers. It’s small, attractive, ergonomic and flexible. Most importantly, it delivers excellent sound quality with a tonal balance, depth of engagement and detail retrieval that places it firmly in the high end camp.”

— Alistair McKeough, StereoNet (Australia)

“[The DPP-1] has real virtues in terms of sound fun, a great ability to make the message alive, present and materialized, and finally, a range of features rich enough to allow it to please a wide range of music lovers.”

— Pierre Fontaine & Laurent Therin, VUMetre

“[The DDP-1] is natural and expansive sound for listening to pop music, to classical music audiophile CD, all rise to the occasion, outstanding … It really is indescribably good enough.”

— Guoren, FeverSound (Hong Kong)

“Real DAC-Pre,” FeverSound, October 13, 2005

“[The DDP-1] is the first DAC I’ve tried in a while whose sound has been my favorite, easily recognizable and preferred over others, each time I’ve compared: extraordinary, totally recommended.”

— Josep Armengol, HiFiLive Magazine (Spain)

“Audio Alchemy DDP-1 + PS-5,” HiFiLive Magazine, October 14, 2015