Get 25% off a new Nova with your trade-in!


We all love music and we all love summer.
You love savings – and we know you’ll love the Nova – and there’s never been a better time to get one for yourself.

Starting today, we’re gonna show some Peachtree love by offering you 25% off the price of a new NOVA when you trade in your old receiver, integrated amplifier, preamp, amp or Home Theater receiver.

Time to fall in love with your system again?

nova150 TONE MAG

nova150 $2499

Nova150. SAVE 25%

$1874 Canadian With Trade

150 watts per channel
Built-in Reference DAC and Phono Section

nova300 corner

nova300 $3399

Nova300. SAVE 25%

$2549 Canadian

With Trade

300 watts per channel. Will push any speaker, regardless of difficulty.

Here’s the way the trade-in works:

1. Bring in your old product for a 25% credit towards a new nova purchase.
2. Walk out with your new Nova!

NOVA: High powered integrated amplifiers, unparalleled performance with real world connectivity.

What are the experts saying about the new nova150 and 300?

peachtree-nova150 1-580x326

“I doubt that there’s a loudspeaker on the planet that this Peachtree won’t drive with sure-footed authority.”

“Peachtree’s own nova150 aside, I also doubt that there’s an integrated amplifier out there with as much functionality for as few dollars.”
“The nova300 is an exceptional beast.”
Digital Audio Review

CA nova300

“…the nova300 is the homecoming king, the captain of the team, and the president of the senior class, rolled up into one item. Power, control, and finesse. This is the nova you want.”

“This is what Peachtree Audio 2.0 is all about. New products, better engineering and even better value.”Computer Audiophile




Cnet pic

“The Nova150 was an even better match with my Magnepan .7 flat panel speakers. The .7s crave power, and the Nova150 delivered gobs of it. Bass definition and oomph were truly exceptional, better than I’ve heard from the .7s mated with other integrated amps.”

“…I popped on ZZ Top’s “Live From Texas” concert Blu-ray, and the Nova150 could do no wrong. …this two-channel system with my Zu Druid V speakers was a rock and roller dream’s come true.”

“…Costello’s vocals were believably realistic. I never really noticed how good this album sounded before…” C/Net