The first in a series of three new Peachtree integrated amplifiers engineered and manufactured in North America is available now!


Nova150 Ebony CROPPED


The first in a series of three new Peachtree integrated amplifiers engineered and manufactured in North America is available now for ($2,099) CAD and the nova300 (July/Aug) and nova500 (1st Quarter 2017) to follow.

Peachtree Audio has taken a huge leap forward with a new premium integrated amplifier line. The basic look and feature concepts that have led the industry for almost a decade remain, but engineering, parts and manufacturing has been radically upgraded.

This is Peachtree 2.0.

New Features and performance.

First and foremost, all circuitry the Peachtree nova series has been re-engineered from the ground up. The new nova series boasts an astonishing signal to noise ratio of 105dB A-weighted at speaker level, so dynamic range has greatly been increased. Volume accuracy and tracking are perfect from the lowest to highest volumes.

The new ICE amp has improved power supply circuitry and the sampling frequency has been raised to over 400k/sec. This makes the amplifier much smoother than any digital amp on the market with commanding bass response formally reserved class A/B amps with large, inefficient power supplies.

From mp3 to the highest DSD resolutions, the ESS 32 bit 9018 Reference DAC takes the nova series to a new level. With 11 separate power supplies for the the various stages, the nova digital circuitry far exceeds other units using the same DAC.

The nova150 brings back Home Theater Bypass. This popular feature allows the very best 2-channel performance within your home theater set up.

Built-in RIAA phono preamp. This is a full, dedicated “analog” circuit, not an analog to digital converter found in so many integrated amps these days. We keep analog, analog.

iOS input. With full resolution files on your iPhone or iPad, the new iOS/USB input will have your device sounding as good as any CD player. The usually noisy circuit and even screen can transfer noise. On the nova series, this noise is recognized and sent to ground allowing this input to perform at its best.

nova300 corner w 2.0 logo

nova300. 300wpc coming in July/Aug.

Exceptional Beauty

Peachtree cabinetry has also taken a leap forward. The new cabinets are now made of HDF, allowing for tighter tolerances. The new Gloss Ebony Mocha has 13 coats of varnish. The painstaking process takes upwards of two weeks, but when it’s done, the look and feel is like no other.

This finish is in addition to the ever popular Piano Black available on the new nova series of integrated amplifiers.

Note: Later this year, premium walnut will be offered.


Peachtree Air (Coming later this year), tying all Peachtree products together.

The chosen platform is loaded with all of the popular streaming services, including Tidal, TuneIn, iHeart Radio, and Spotify Connect, and allows you to stream from room-to-room in high-resolution. The app will let you send music to any Peachtree product and will also include Wi-Fi direct.

We expect Wi-Fi to be available by 2016 years end. Anyone who has purchased a nova can upgrade if they wish and only for the cost difference.


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