Elac and Peachtree Audio earned Beatnik Audio awards at RMAF

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ELAC / Peachtree Audio / VPI Industries – Best System Under $5,000

The Entry Level $3,500 CDN Room at the RMAF was, in fact, the best system that I heard for under $5,000.  it was shockingly good and built around the incredible ELAC Debut B6 loudspeakers at a mere $419.98 Canadian a pair! At this price, they could be driven by Peachtree Audio’s Decco125 SKY integrated amp with Streaming & 32bit-192 DAC w/ double DSD built in at $1,599 Canadian, and yes, the ELACs are good enough for this pairing. The source was a VPI Cliffwood turntable that included a VPI cartridge. (Canadian pricing not available at time of this post)

This system was true hi-fi to my ears. It was rich with great micro-dynamics. It also had enough detail and transparency to sound almost like a high-end system.

Best System Under $25,000 – ELAC

The ELAC system consisted of the Adante AF61 is $7,499.99 Canadian per pair. What you can see in the picture above are three 8-inch passive radiators sitting in a machined aluminum fascia. The “active” woofers are mounted behind the radiators. The bass was deep and controlled and the midrange was very transparent with excellent imaging and wonderful musical flow. They were powered by the excellent electronics from what is now called the Alchemy Series by ELAC. The price of the monoblocks and digital gear comes to a little over $7,000 Canadian, but this was an incredible system at any price. Becky and I listened to this one together, and we both agreed that it was one of the best sounds we had heard at the show.