ELAC America’s is pleased to announce the hiring of D2MK Solutions and The Rep Firm Canada to represent ELAC and Audio Alchemy in Canada. Both Dale Mackintosh (D2MK) and Fred Bourgeois (The Rep Firm Canada) join the ELAC team with many years of experience and success as well as reputations for integrity and partnership.

About Dale:

Dale Mackintosh started in the CE industry in 1979 working for an Alberta based retailer, Disco Sound. After 3 years of sales success he joined a Canadian speaker company, API aka, Audio Products International and later JVC. After a 4 year term with JVC, Dale started an independent sales agency, In Tandem Canada which later grew to include distribution supporting the Canadian AV & CEDIA sales channel. In 2009, Dale started D2MK Solutions; started a factory direct National sales agency, choosing a diverse mix of products from High performance Audio Video solutions to Window coverings and Furniture.

Dale commented: “I am extremely excited to be a part of the Canadian Elac sales team. I am honoured to be chosen as their sales agency for Ontario west to British Columbia. Elac is one of the most exciting brands available today so the future looks bright as they continue to introduce exciting products for our changing customer needs”.

About Frederic:

Frederic Bourgeois began his career in 1988 at the retail level as a salesperson, eventually becoming a buyer at Dumoulin Electronique franchisee. He then moved to Sono Video Inc to pursue his career in the Pro AV Market as a Sales Representative in 2000 and joined Pioneer in 2004 as a Senior Executive Sales Representative. In 2014, he founded his own independent sales agency, The Rep Firm Canada, which in just three years has grown to include 35 major AV brands.

Fred commented: “ We are very proud to represent such amazing brands who has been receiving so much great reviews over the last years. The ELAC speaker line-up is broad from budget oriented products up to the most critical audiophile needs. The Electronics from Elac and Audio Alchemy are refreshing to our industry who needs to see new options to fill customers needs and requests. For us, it was a natural continuation after representing Pioneer’s Andrew Jones speakers for years to now represent Andres Jones ELAC design speakers. We can’t wait to start presenting these new products to our dealers.”

About ELAC:

For 90 years, ELAC has built innovative products that deliver superior performance and value, driven by a commitment to making the best sound in the world. Today, ELAC offers a wide range of speaker and electronics products. ELAC has earned its reputation – from the beginning – with advanced technology, uncompromised build quality and modern European style

Frederic Bourgeois is based in Terrebonne, QC and services Quebec and the Maritime Provinces www.therepfirm.ca.
Dale Mackintosh is based in Guelph, ON and services all provinces west of Quebec www.d2mk.ca.