Network Solutions for Integrators, by Integrators.



As founder of CIS, Rudy Kern knows first-hand the challenges Integrators are facing in today’s changing landscape. Having run a successful Integration company for the past 10 years, Rudy searched in vain to find a reliable option he could confidently deploy throughout his growing list of projects. After working with numerous brand-name solutions ranging from entry level to top of the line products, it became clear there was a gap in the market and a need for a fully configured solution – not just another piece of hardware.

Faced with a lack of options and a need for knowledge, Rudy pursued recognized network training, researched alternative hardware solutions, learned about virtual private networking (VPN), and rigorously tested the configurations in real-world installations until he found the winning formula. From this CIS was born and with it a product offering that we are confident will provide Integrators with the quality and reliability they need.

  • PP 300x300  Platinum Plus Smart Network

    Platinum-300x300  CIS Platinum Monitoring Subscription

  • DN-PP  CIS PlatinumPlusDN Subscription
  • dn-300x300  CIS PlatinumDN Subscription


  • Globe-300x300  CIS Additional Network


    CIS VLAN Interface


  • WiFi-300x300  CIS Hotspot


  • WiFi-300x300  CIS Custom Hotspot


  • Key-300x300  CIS Additional VPN License Credentials
  • CompArrow-300x300  CIS 2-Router VPN Tunnel
  • VPNTunnel-300x300  CIS VPN-DNS Subscription
    CompPrompt-300x300CIS Standard Configuration Setup Fee