Alexa Somfy Integration

Comfort, Convenience and Control

Leverage the power of Somfy myLink™ and Amazon Alexa for voice control of your favorite Somfy RTS products. Use simple commands, like “Alexa, ask myLink to lower Bedroom Shades” “Alexa, tell myLink to raise the Kitchen Blinds” “Alexa, ask myLink to play Goodnight scene”


myLink™ and Amazon Alexa

Using the Somfy myLink skill is easy and only requires three things to get started:
1. A fully-operational Somfy myLink system (mobile device with app + at least 1 Somfy myLink device) with connected RTS products
2. Mobile device (iOS or Android) running the latest Somfy myLink app for account linking
3. A device with Amazon Alexa connected to an Amazon account

Talking to Amazon Alexa

Somfy myLink™ Skill – Control RTS channels, scenes, schedules and other myLink functions. Requires the skill’s “invocation name” (myLink) when speaking commands.

EX: “Alexa, ask myLink to raise kitchen blinds” – Channel named “kitchen blinds” opens

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Useful Links

Getting Started

Best practices and step-by-step instructions for linking your myLink system with your Amazon Alexa account.

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How to

Find videos, documentation and more on how to setup and use the Somfy myLink™ with Amazon Alexa.

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Frequently asked questions about working with Alexa..

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